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I aim to provide a welcoming place to people who have been historically marginalized and misunderstood. I specialize in working with Latinx adolescents and young adults, specifically those with multiple marginalized identities such as being neurodivergent, Black, Indigenous, a person of color, a woman, or identifying within the LGBTQIA+ community. 

In my individual therapy sessions, I focus on guiding clients along their healing journey. This involves developing personalized coping strategies, recognizing and building upon their strengths, and delving into past experiences for insight. To ensure a comprehensive approach to their well-being, I actively collaborate with their wider care team, which may include psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, and school counselors. Together, we set and pursue achievable goals, tailored to each client's unique needs and aspirations

General Experience

  • Trauma & PTSD

  • Life transitions

  • Relationship concerns

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Family Dynamics

  • Sex related challenges 

  • Immigration

  • 2nd Gen 

  • Acculturation

  • Dating

  • Women's health

  • Shame/guilt

  • Loneliness

  • Existential issues 

  • Self-esteem issues

  • ADHD

  • Autism



  • Latinx

  • Cultural adjustment

  • Gender identity & transgender health 

  • Sexuality and gender exploration 

  • Adoption


Get to Know Us

I provide a sliding scale from $100 - $250. I support clients as best I can to navigate their out of network benefits. If you are unfamiliar with your out of network benefits, check out the below articles. 

I accept Columbia Student Health Insurance. 

Note: At this time, I am only accepting clients at the high end of the scale ($200-$250).

Sliding Scale Guide
This scale was adapted by Brianda Gosselin-Hickey, MHC-LP
From resources on and other l
ocal support organizations. 

Presently, the sliding scale is between $100 – 250 per session, adjusting for industry standard. Years of experience and additional trainings and certifications. This guide is not exhaustive or definitive and cannot speak with more experience about your financial picture than you can. Review the statements below and take note of which statements are accurate for you.

The full fee may be right for you if you have access to secure wealth – such as owning property, personal savings, disposable income, and lack of worry about securing necessities and comforts. The middle of the scale may be right for you if you are in process of building secure wealth – enjoying steady income and ability to meet basic needs such as food, shelter, medical care, childcare, etc, while managing other financial considerations such as debt or student loans. The lower end of the scale may be right for you if you struggle to maintain access to needs – healthcare, housing, food, and childcare. This price point is also appropriate for those living paycheck to paycheck without consistent income/relief, or if you are in significant debt. I offer limited Pay What You Can slots for those that face financial hardship, do not have access to personal or intergenerational wealth, struggle to meet basic needs, and/or belong to marginalized groups. 


I am employed and earn over $80k

My career is stable and moving forward.

My family has not struggle with money. 

I live mostly or entirely on unearned or gifted income.

I have high earnings power, even if I am not exercising that power currently. 

I travel recreationally. 

I have comprehensive insurance. 

I can afford therapy out of pocket.

I am a member of privileged communities.

I have disposable income, or don’t have to think before making purchases. 

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